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About Us


Since 1994, VIETA has positioned itself as an elevated women’s handbag brand that offers superior quality without the vast costs. We take the time to carefully plan, capture, and apply the latest trends into the inspiration of our collection.

Talk about VIETA

Each of our handbags have been well thought out to ensure that we’re meeting a need from a both a stylistic and sensible standpoint. Which is why our website offers a wide range of essential handbag styles - from coin purses to oversized tote bags. We want to ensure that our customers have and can find what they need for any occasion. Today, we continue to build on this approach by hearing your needs first. As a women’s fashion brand, we know how important your beauty routine is to you. Our new skincare products have been perfected to address the common pain points so that you can be proud to show off your new skin. We believe in building a company and a brand that looks to provide high quality products that meets our customers’ needs.